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Cherry Tree

Plants are like people! They all have different characteristics and unique ways in which they need to grow. Professional ornamental pruning plays an important role in discovering and maintaining their true integrity and longevity. Pruning can help reduce hazardous conditions, offer more sunlight, and maintain health.


Identifying your plants, and caring for them properly, could add to the value of your home. Understanding your plant's full potential will increase the beauty and longevity of what each of them has to offer. 

Removing Weeds

We understand that it's difficult to manage a property and it's plants. We're here to help you discover techniques and methods that work best each season of the year. We'll follow up quarterly, to take care of your yard's seasonal needs.


Sometimes, trees can grow in quirky ways that do not serve them throughout their long years. Unhealthy growth patterns can stunt the lifespan of trees. Juvenile trees benefit from selective pruning to train their shape. Limb removal and crown cleanings are necessary to maintain the strength and character of grown trees.


Are you wondering what plants might grow best on your property? Are you curious about which trees, flowers, or fruit could thrive in this environment? We have the knowledge and know-how and can offer suggestions and care schedules. 

Ray of Light

When trees are ailing, it is beneficial to take a diagnostic approach. This can help with determining the best way to move forward, whether that means a removal, pruning, or specific treatment.


Often times, pests find cozy homes in our plants, causing decay and death. Red's Plant Health Care is licensed to apply necessary pesticides in the state of Pennsylvania. Environmentally friendly applications are used first, always paying attention to the client's concerns (children, pets, etc).

Treetop from Below

Sometimes, dying or dead trees can create hazards on a property. Whether this is caused by a pest or disease, old age, or possibly storm damage, trees must be taken down and removed professionally, with a high degree of care and patience.  

Gardening Shears
Gardening Shears

Sometimes, clients are passionate about taking care of their own plants. If you seek the knowledge on how to tend your yard DIY-style, we can teach you how to do it properly. A few hours of training, and you'll gain the confidence needed to help your plants thrive year-round.

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